I’m a gamer and have been a gamer since 1977.

Not many people can say that.  I started out writing text based adventure games and sold them at the local computer shops out of plastic sandwich bags.  My top seller was “Xanadu,” which wasn’t the Olivia-Newton John/Gene Kelley calamity of a movie but a game based on the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem “Kubla Khan.”  It was pretty cool and received decent reviews, a success at 10 years old, whoodathunk?


My list of favorite games changes several times a year depending on what’s released. Of course there are a few stalwart favorites that I’ll keep playing forever but I’m pretty fickle about games. I’ve probably spent more money on games than I’ve spent on clothes in the last 10 years, which to me, is funny.

Currently I’m playing several MMO’s and still loving military FPS’ers like Modern Warfare 2 and Counter Strike.  I actually still play Unreal Tournament and Quake 3…fun stuff.  Oddly enough, I no longer have a modern console machine, the last one being an original XBox, which I loved.  The Halo series rocked and I’ve always been a sucker for fighting games like Soul Caliber and Street Fighter II.  The Need for Speed series was also a favorite…especially the “Hot Pursuit” series.

I’m currently running with an HP HDX18t laptop (18 is for the 18 inch screen, HUGE!) with a 1g Nvidia card with 6 gb of RAM.  Even though the laptop has a great keypad I use a Logitech G13, even though it’s CLEARLY made for right handed people (C’mon Logitech!).

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