Social Networking: Circa 1979

Posted on 30 July 2010

Much of what I need to know about social networking I learned from my 70 year old Dad.

It’s true.

Thomas Foster sold everything from shoes to jeans to mattresses and he did it using skills he honed dealing with people face to face.  Sales is a tough racket and he was great.  My Mom used to say, “your Father could talk a dog off a meat truck” and I’ve seen him do it.  So when I called him to ask his advice about something I was hoping he would have a great answer, and as usual he did.

Without getting into details I was angry about something when I called him and expecting him to concur with my thoughts about what I should do.  I spent the better part of 5 minutes filling him in on the details, explaining why I was justified in being angry.

The first words out of his mouth were “You’re approaching it from the wrong angle Son.  If it were me I would…”

He proceeded to tell me how he would handle the situation in a reasonable way that gave me a sense of retribution AND the satisfaction of knowing that it would garner me a little something through good will.  Now how can you argue with that?

My point is that humans now are just like humans in 1979.  The same interpersonal truths are still evident, whether you’re buying a mattress 35 years ago or Tweeting in 2010.  My Dad isn’t very computer literate and I feel he probably wouldn’t have the patience for the the informational micro-bursts of today.  Perhaps it’s completely unfair to expect that of him but I’m sure he could STILL work a room better than just about anyone.

So, I’ll continue to use him as my social networking oracle.  His social networking Fu is strong!

So, thanks Dad, for the help.


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