The Power of Community: Part 2

Posted on 22 April 2011

A while ago I posted a video made by Tabblo member (and AMAZING photographer) James Nicolay which, for me, displayed the power of community.

Now I’d like to introduce you to Eduardo Affonso.  

Just like Tabblo is more than a photo site, Eduardo is more than a photographer.

He’s a proud Brazilian, a poet, activist, brother, uncle, friend, soccer football fan, tourist, has a sense of humor, and shares his secrets.  He’s so invested in friendships made on Tabblo that he’s gone out of his way to look up fellow Tabbloers while traveling the world.

He’s also a the model for what every community manager would want in a member.  Not only has he contributed to Tabblo consistently over a long period of time, he’s become a pillar by welcoming and helping others, commenting, reporting spammers, and basically going out of his way to watch out for Tabblo and it’s community.

So what compels this kind of devotion?  I believe it’s the core community on Tabblo.

Eduardo and the rest of the core community have trusted in Tabblo enough to really invest in each other.

That investment is something a CM dreams about and corporate America should strive for.  Millions of dollars are spent on PR campaigns to humanize corporations and earn consumer trust which baffles me because telling people to trust isn’t as effective as being trustworthy.  Unfortunately most businesses aren’t patient (or brave) enough to risk trying something new…instead relying on PR and a shopping cart icon.

Don’t get me wrong…I understand why businesses think short term and feel the need to monetize quickly.  It’s unfortunate the term “Added Value” became synonymous with the Internet bust of the early 2000’s, because it’s a big part of what community delivers.

Member loyalty and good sentiment go beyond a dollar value if given enough time. Judging a community by direct revenue is like judging a Church based on the collection plate totals.

How has your community affected your members in a positive way?

Affected you?  Affected your business?

Do you recognize your community superstars?

Has your community connected in other Internet spaces?

What are YOUR thoughts on the power of community?

Eduardo, Happy Birthday and thank you!

Cheers and have a great weekend!


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  • Eduardo Affonso says:

    How come I had not seen this before?? I am flattered, Eric – and very proud to be part of that community. I only disagree when you say I am a pillar – I am just another brick in the wall (a vast, rich, amazing wall built by so many talented people). Thank you for everythging!

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