Generating Brand Awareness through Comedy

Posted on 28 July 2010

Comedy genius, pretty clever marketing too.

I mean…who’s never heard of “punchbuggy?”

VW taps in to the nostalgic with this ad campaign, meant to deliver a punch the the proverbial arm of American zeitgeist, and they’ve succeeded.  Do you have a punchbuggy memory?

I can remember riding on the school bus through Louisa Co. Virginia with my friend Donny Donovan at the age of 8.  There were several VW beetles in town and we both knew where they were and we NEVER knew about the 5 second rule, as mentioned by Sluggy in the video.  Would have certainly served me well to have known.

VW’s marketing dept. has quite a few hits and one notable miss.  Those horrible Brooke Shields ads of last year for the VW minivan only lasted about a month before they were shelved, which clearly illustrates the very fine line a company walks when they deviate from common practice.  I’m sure that campaign didn’t cost VW anything it couldn’t afford to part with but you’ve got to wonder. Many of the corporate stalwarts are simply frightened to become more personal and personable with consumers precisely because of this fine line.

Fortunately for us VW has had more hits than misses!

Thanks VW.  Now please, let me buy a new Scirocco in the U.S.!

Does your business advertise or promote with comedy? Does a comedic attitude deter you? Attract you? Chime in!


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