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Posted on 27 July 2010

Good Afternoon World!

Many of you know I work as the community manager for Tabblo, which is the best job in the world.

Yeah, Tabblo is cool because of the editing tools, and it’s unique in that it truly allows you to tell stories with your photos. To me, the reason it’s special is that Tabblo has a community of people that have really grown to respect and care for each other in a substantial way.

Granted Tabblo isn’t the largest community but it’s a devoted community, which in my opinion, is one of the trickiest things to achieve. Many people are interested in how large a community is, and what is being done to grow numbers, which can be important, but I think that’s looking at it from the wrong perspective.

The Tabblo community has survived solely because the core experience is not only personal but communal.

This is James, aka “SirNicolay” on Tabblo. He was so moved by his experiences on Tabblo he made a video to reach out to his friends. By the way, James is an incredibly gifted photographerstorytellerteacher, and he’s generous with his art. Thanks James.

If you search YouTube for Tabblo you’ll see other videos from our community members and if you browse Tabblo you’ll see regular evidence of “meet ups.”

One of the things that Tabblo does right is that it reduces the “introduction friction” several ways. Firstly, it’s easy to set up your Tabblo identity. Next, it’s very easy to comment or critique on just about everything, so sharing your thoughts is effortless.

We also take care in making sure that EVERYTHING created can be seen and is easily identified as attributable to the creator. Of course that presents it’s own problems with an occasional inappropriate post, but that’s another post altogether.
I can’t help but think we’re the luckiest group of people in the world to have the responsibility of managing this type of experience.

Until next time!


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