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Posted on 13 March 2011


I’ve discovered a small oasis.

So far it’s been a busy few days and I’ve got another left to go.. My main goal was to meet as many gaming community managers as I could and I’ve been successful.  They’ve all been very friendly and remind me of people I’ve worked with in the past…just normal folk.  There were a few great talks to attend and I was suprised how popular the “community” stuff was…it seems like CM’ing is the hot new thing, which has it’s positives and negatives.  Most of the panelists were very insightful and some touched on some of my weak points so I listened intentl.  I was told to keep writing.  No matter how crappy of a writer you are (or think you are) keep writing.  It only helps.

The throngs of people get tiring but f you can navigate the channels there is quality content to be seen. Beyond the BLAM there are real exchanges happening between company and end user which is always inspiring. Talking to the CM’S here it’s clear that the gaming industry has failed enough to understand that success starts and concludes with the end user.  Upon retrospect, it seems completely odd to think a company wouldn’t focus on the individual user experience during the development of a product or service.

I’ve always advocated the need for a hook, or a core experience that captured an end user’s attention in such a way that he or she felt compelled to talk to others about it.  Once you’ve got that core experience down then you can refine how the business interacts with the customer.  If you don’t have that core experience down then you better have a stranglehold on the market share of whatever product or service you’re trying to sell.

So, it was refreshing to see an entire industry healthy enough to be so clearly dedicated to the entire branded experience from an end users point of view.

As refreshing as this beer.

More to come..


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