Getting Squirrelly: Preparing for the Fall Rush

Posted on 30 August 2010

Are you ready for the fall rush?

As the weather cools and people migrate indoors and online and kids go back to school our communities will become more active!  Whether you’re a retail, service, information or community space this time of year usually brings with it some change.

Is your community taking advantage of all those extra eyes on your property? Addressing minor bugs and adding small enhancements to the user experience is part of daily life for a CM but extra time should be taken to prepare for this time of year. You don’t want members coming back after long absences to encounter the same irritating bugs present 3 months ago! People want to belong to active communities and that means active QA, Engineering, and CM’ing behind the scenes!

Perhaps your community has a large student or fall sports population, which means a large influx of users come September…how are YOU planning to handle the increased load? Are you gearing up new site revisions or product launches?

Perhaps you’ve got limited resources and have to become more creative!  Are you planning any contests, events or meetups for your community?

Contests are easy and don’t take much effort or money, depending on the size of your community.  The contests can range from something as complex as a weekly prize for member submissions or as simple as a sticker give-away.  Earlier this year I offered free Tabblo stickers to members and they loved it…it only cost me postage and effort to spread that much branded good will!  We ALL got a kick out it.

I’d love to hear how other CM’s are getting ready for the fall rush!


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