Babysteps: Noting Community Milestones

Posted on 27 August 2010

Here’s one of my first video entries!

I was lucky enough to witness one of the first steps in the evolution of a community! ¬†You’ll have forgive the giddy nature in the video as I was a tad nervous about making it!

Some communities are based around social experiences, so exchanges like the one I mentioned pretty common. In a content specific environment like the ePrintCenter I feel like helpful member interaction is even MORE important as an indicator of community potential.

I’d love to hear YOUR experiences regarding the growth of YOUR communities! Can you name a specific instance where your community took one of it’s first steps?

Have a GREAT weekend!


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  • eric says:

    At the end I mentioned the communities that I RUN, which isn’t accurate. They’re communities I manage! Those that do run the communities I manage are within rubber band range of me and do a GREAT job!

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