Community Managers…Who Do You Report To?

Posted on 26 August 2010

When I was hired to manage the Tabblo communities I was labeled as a “Customer Solution Specialist” because my employer didn’t have a specific job code for a community manager.

The “Customer Solution Specialist” title allowed me to report to people within the Tabblo group and didn’t tie me to a specific division with the company, outside of my group. This worked out well for a time and gave me the flexibility to focus on managing the many communities that sprouted out from our group without having to answer to some faceless suit. Now that the Tabblo groups has been assimilated a bit more by the larger company I’m trying to change my job title to reflect my actual position and afford me a voice in the larger, company infrastructure. Being able to have a say in what happens with future HP communities is a great opportunity for me, and the end users of these communities because I know what I’m doing.

Unfortunately so many divisions want a stake in the “community” so it’s not clear to me where, in this huge, nebulous company I should fit.

So who do YOU report to?

Who should community managers report to?

Who “owns” the customer experience in your company?

In your company does community management fall under Marketing? Support? User Experience/Usability?



3 responses to Community Managers…Who Do You Report To?

  • HI Eric. I started my company’s Enterprise 2.0 community in January 2009 as a pilot to test if there was sufficient interest within the business to warrant developing it further. Just a couple of directors let me loose.

    The community grew fast. Within five months we had an official launch It was soon decided that E2.0 should be rolled out to the parent company and all subsidiary businesses – several tens of thousands of employees.

    I and the community were soon handed over to the Corporate Innovations Team. This lasted but three months or so. Since the turn of the year, I have answered to Corporate Internal Comms as part of Corporate Strategy.

  • eric says:

    Thanks for the comment! Are you happy with the arrangement? Did you find your directives/objectives changed at all throughout restructuring?

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