What I Won’t Be Seeing: My E3 Software Review

Posted on 29 July 2010

So once again I’m not going to E3 which is a great disappointment.  Even though I wasn’t be there doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of great news to report.  In fact, there are a bunch of games I’m looking forward to as well as some new tech that I’d love to get my hands on (or OFF as the case may be)!

Let’s start off with software and one of my favorite genre’s, the First Person Shooter!

  • Halo Reach :  One of the strongest franchises in the last decade has been Halo, and Halo Reach is one of the most anticipated releases of the summer.  Bungie made a bunch of big changes, but the ones I’m excited about are the social features they’re implementing such as built-in recording software to record sessions and the ability to automatically upload them to the web to be shared with the entire Halo community.

  • Deus Ex Human Revolution : Deus Ex was one of my favorite games during it’s day.  I’m very glad to report that Eidos also loved the original and they’ve resurrected the franchise with Deus Ex Human Revolution!  I normally wouldn’t report on a game that had NO in game footage, but the original title was SO GOOD that I’ve got to include this on my list.  Can’t wait too see more.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops :  Quite possibly the best first-person shooter franchise EVER, this game looks to carry to torch for the CoD series this year.  It’s a title that’s been carried by a couple of different companies but somehow remained consistently decent over time.  When a CoD game is released I have to spend 6-8 hours glued to my PC and I’m never disappointed.  Of course the game play is top notch, with extremely accurate weapons, vehicles, ordinance and exercises but it’s the story and cinematic play that drives me to continue just to see what happens next.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten through a section and realized my heart was pounding, my knuckles were white, and an adrenaline haze was blanketing me.  I will buy this game, you should too.

  • Transformers: The War for Cybertron :  Mark my words, this is going to be the sleeper hit of the season.  I’ve been disappointed in the past by Transformers games, so don’t think of it as a Transformers game just yet.  The group at High Moon Studios is responsible for the Bourne Conspiracy game and it appears as if they’ve done their research, the trailers for this game are amazing!  If Team Fortress, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Spy Hunter and Robby the Robot were to have a baby, that baby would be this game.  Check it out!

For Real-Time Strategy fans:

  • StarCraft 2 :  Despite to several delays Blizzard is finally launching StarCraft 2 this summer and I, for one, am excited!  Sure, the Command and Conquer series kept us well occupied, but StarCraft originally carved the RTS niche into the gaming zeitgeist.  Blizzard is famous for shipping no game before it’s time and for good reason, they’re known for delivering polished goods!  And, for the record, this trailer’s sequence trumps Iron Man/Iron Man 2‘s “suit up” sequences in a big way.

For MMO fans:

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic : No, you’re not having Deja Vu`.  Yes, there has been a Star Wars MMO in the past, and yes, it was bad.  Yes, there was another game with a very, VERY similar title, which was decent.  This is neither of those games.  LucasArts has released a few suspect games in the past, which is why they’ve teamed with the creative geniuses at BioWare for the latest entry into the MMO arena.  I’ll save a LOT of commentary by saying if it’s better than World of Warcraft that it will still be behind the 8 ball.  Star Wars is a fickle franchise, some games are really good and stick, but some games are horribly bad and quickly forgotten.  I’m hoping this one is one of the former.
  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm :  WoW is the heavy hitter in the MMO arena and I don’t see it being supplanted anytime soon.  Don’t forget, this is the game that redefined MMO’s and has set the bar impossibly high.  Cataclysm introduces two new playable races and re-envisions and replaces the original Azeroth to present an entirely new world for the 11+ million users to sink their collective fangs in to.  The world is waiting for the WoW-killer but I don’t believe it’s even in development yet…until Blizzard decides to develop “World of StarCraft.”

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Last Guardian : This PS3 exclusive challenges the gaming status quo with beautifully rendered, “relationship” game.  The Japanese have a way with these types of stories and I’m reminded of similar relationships in Panzer Dragoon: Orta and Shadow of the Collossus, the latter being another game by Team Ico for the PS platform.  The challenge for this genre is perfecting the interface and controls, and judging by previous releases we’re in for a treat!  Check out the amazing trailer:

  • Homefront : This game from THQ is a mix of Modern Warfare’s “Wolverine” level and Red Dawn, which inspired it.  This time it’s the future and North Korea (wait for it…) is a world super power which is invading the U.S.  Fast paced action, cool vehicles, and future weapons are a plenty, it’s the actual game play that remains to be seen.  The FPS market is crowded and I’d love for this title to succeed!  WOLVERINES!
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 : I love fighting games, they’re so mid-90’s!  This one gets a little Marvel in your Capcom and a little Capcom in your Marvel.  With awesome controls and a killer engine this title should take it’s place along side MvC 1 and 2!  In a world where most developers have evolved beyond the fighting game, it’s nice to see a group putting such care into this revered franchise!

So, that’s my preliminary take on the games being previewed at E3!  I’d love to be there but I’ll be watching all the coverage I can, thanks to G4TV.  Of course as a community manager I’m going to have a ton of fun studying the way these communities develop and what these companies do to promote community.  As we all know, it’s hard to predict what will be a hit and what won’t and ultimately it’s up the the end user!

So go out and use!  If you don’t like your experience then complain to whoever will hear you!

Thanks for reading!


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