How do YOU get through monotonous daily tasks?

Posted on 29 July 2010

Do you listen to music as you trod through your daily responsibilities?

I do, in fact, I find it almost impossible to wade through a weekend’s worth of email WITHOUT listening to music of some sort.

I’m a rock-ish sort, but I appreciate most styles of music.  Many people use streaming services and swear by them, but I’ve never really been hooked by them because my musical tastes vary from minute to minute.  I used to love the old Napster days because you could basically locate any song you wanted and download it relatively quickly, of course you were violating all sorts of laws, but that rarely came into mind.

No matter, YouTube is now the “on-demand” Napster.  I love making a YouTube playlist and just minimizing the window.  Most of the time I actually forget there is a video playing in the background.

In fact, I’ve even scared myself before when maximizing windows, forgetting to expect motion when the page pops up.  Silly, but true.

Here’s what I was listening to this morning!

How do you get through the monotonous tasks of your day?  What are some of your favorite albums that carry you through 40 minutes of email parsing, data entry or comment browsing?  Let me know how YOU incorporate music into your day!


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