Fine Tuning Social Media and Marketing for your Community

Posted on 30 July 2010

Does your company understand the community, product AND the intended audience?

Which of YOUR company’s products can support its own community?

Which ones should be sheltered under the auspices of the overall brand?

Does it make sense to split up the social media share by creating separate channels for each product?

Is there more value in having one brand page with the bulk of followers seeing updates for all of your products (e.g., like Facebook)?

Should you differentiate your audiences to fine tune the message?

It’s obviously not as simple as answering one question, in fact, it’s not straightforward at all.

It really takes an active community manager and effective marketing to enhance the experience of disparate customer groups that view your brand through social media.

Understanding your social media audience is very important.  It could mean the difference between increasing followers through strategic updates or causing groups to hide your updates or having them ignore you entirely because they feel spammed.

Senior citizens are a perfect example.  Most seniors have specific needs that others may not have, especially when it comes to computers and the Internet.  Whether it’s familiarity with the tools or the format, most seniors are used to traditional marketing practices which can make it difficult to market to them digitally.  Doing extra research and visiting sites that have successfully marketed to seniors should be a top priority. Again, seniors citizens are easy because their needs are more easily identified, but what about students, women, men, kids, and specific professions?

So finding a balance and understanding your audience is critically important.

Does your company pay attention to it’s audience? Do you as a community manager have any input into how your company markets to your community?  Could you improve that marketing?

I’m personally trying to learn more about marketing everyday as it’s one of my weaker areas.  This topic was inspired by a discussion I had with a fantastic  community manager here at HP that I met last week.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  See you on Monday!


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  • Don Norris says:


    You are indeed onto something. In fact I think the community thought should replace the lexicon of target groups. Just think what the two terms imply and how you engage with each one. Peronaly, if we want engagement and dialougue …which we do, then thinking of those that we want to build a relationship with as our community, is much richer and full of more potential than “targets’ we are trying to hit once and hopefully not kill.

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