Do You Participate in Your Own Community?

Posted on 29 July 2010

In my opinion, it’s imperative as a CM to be invested in your community, which means being an active member!

Tabblo: Rhode Island Air Show 2009I use Tabblo.  I upload my personal photos to Tabblo, I create Tabblos, I use Tabblo groups, I’m a community member, which means I go through the same steps and click on the same links as the people I support.  This also empowers me within the community because members see me as not only a company representative, but a fellow user.

I understand that not all communities are as rich and as social as Tabblo, but that shouldn’t matter if you’re passionate.  There is a reason I’m not the community manager for a financial advisory company, or a medical instrumentation company or an insurance company, those things aren’t exciting to me.

Tabblo excites me, which has contributed to the loyalty I feel towards the community.  I would offer that if you’re not really passionate about the community and products you support you’re not fulfilling the commitment you’ve made to your community.

Tabblo: Blissfully UnawareThe same goes for EVERYONE involved in the production and maintenance of your community, from sales, to engineers, to the product managers, to QA and coders.  If you’re not a user then you’re not a community member, and if you’re not a community member how can participate in the direction of your community especially from a logistical point of view?

Every Monday I sit through an engineering production meeting and I usually end the meeting by suggesting that everyone check out the Tabblo of the Day on  Granted, Tabblo has been on our team’s back-burner for some time now, but it’s still generating a bunch of exciting great content that I try and share with the Tabblo group.

Tabblo: Spinach and Gorgonzola Stuffed Flank SteakIn the past, when very senior executives have visited our office I ALWAYS asked if they’ve got a Tabblo account (or visited Tabblo) because it’s been an indicator to me of how interested they were in what we were doing.   The Tabblo group has many different projects, most of which I’m sure have never been visited by the higher ups either.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out that most of the executives that determine the fate of major websites have never even visited the websites for which they are responsible.  This is unacceptable.


Do you really care about the communities you support?

Do you use the products you support?

Are you an active participant in your community?

What have you done as a community manager to engage the people who hold the fate of your community in their hands?

Thanks for taking the time!


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